Sunday, 15 June 2014

A Beautiful 1930s Tea Serving Trolley Trolley,And Two Wooden Trays.

So what do a couple of trays,a trolley and football have in common?
Right,not much,except during The World Cup which is on right now!
 I'm afraid I am not a fan-but I live with fans,so what to do on a nice Saturday afternoon when football is not quite your thing.
Well find a couple of trays,of course,and a lovely 1930s serving trolley,and paint them.
I painted these with chalk paint,and sealed them with some acrylic varnish.

The graphics are downloaded (free) from Graphics Fairy.......these I print off in reverse on acetate sheets and apply to dry,sanded paint, before sealing.

Make sure the print is absolutely dry before applying sealer or wax-I know this-I keep saying it...but if you look at the top of the trolley,you will see my attempts to conceal the results of my impatience! Not to worry though,it gave me full licence to distress it further.

Trolley and Tray

Trolley and Tray

Top of trolley-not perfect ,but it is from the 1930s!
A huge tray needs lots of graphics(well not always,but I do love them)
And is so so handy

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Upcycling: The Transformation Of An Old Cabinet To Contemporary Vintage Merchant Box Chic.

Home Sweet Home.
Covered in chipped paint, and without so much as a drawer handle,this 1970s cabinet certainly had the appearance of one that had come to the end of its useful life.
Made from teak,and heavily varnished,I have no doubt it was my aunt's pride and joy as it adorned her dining room way back when.A subsequent attempt to update it with some french white paint had done little to give it any wow factor.
And so,it lay for more years than I care to remember,in my back porch unused-drawers without handles are not convenient for dumping stuff!

Inspired By Wine Boxes!

Any issues with the cabinet were really only aesthetic.In fact the wood was in excellent condition,and all drawers were present and correct-even if one (there's always one!) insisted on jamming and required,at one point,the use of a rubber mallet to open it.
So,what to do to breath new life, and hopefully, some oomph into this furniture.
I have been collecting wooden wine boxes now for a few years,with the intention of doing'something' with them,and I love the trend for incorporating wine boxes into cabinets,bookcases etc;.I wanted to try something like this,but with a twist.
The transformation begins...........
7 Drawers to tackle......................
Moldings gone..............................
Graphics in progress...........and checking for fit...................

Rain drives us indoors...............

Shaping up.....................................

Safe delivery to new home.......


To read the details of the transformation,just click below..

Upcycling:From Dreary Old Blanket Box To French Vintage Chic.

Some French Vintage Chic.
This blanket box was in excellent condition, and had, in my view, the potential to be transformed into a beautiful piece -and still retain its role as a very useful storage box for any number of things around the house. It was a moderately easy project, and a thoroughly enjoyable one. While initially I would have been happy enough to just paint and upholster the box, as I progressed I felt it needed something while browsing through my computer for some inspiration.......I came across The Graphics Fairy. As I had used some gorgeous vintage French fabric for the upholstery, I was over the moon to discover this fantastically wonderful site with all the  stunning French Graphics! Now my biggest problem was deciding which one to use!
Solid...But Drab.
A coat of white paint...

Dacron and Batting.....

A couple of nails to mark where the hinge screws go back.....


Nice but not there yet....

Another safe delivery.

To read the stage by stage details about this renovation,just click below..